About Us

Certified Document Services along with Founder Jeanne Lien, a licensed CLDP (Certified Legal Document Preparer) through the Arizona State Supreme Court (AZCLDP Certificate # 80668) has been serving the greater Phoenix area since 2002.  

The document preparers at Certified Document Services have over 20 years of legal experience. So while the company is young, our people are experienced, trained and active in the legal field. Our experience is your value and we also know the value of good customer service.  Our goal is to provide accurate, detailed documents for the specific needs of our clients on a timely basis and provide any additional support you may need.
Certified Document Services uses the latest in technology and software and are equipped to deliver a variety of different client required legal documents. With our systems, we look forward to quickly contacting clients, preparing legal documents and delivery of them in a timely manner based on specific client requirements and our standard of professional practice. 

Our experience and services include: 

      · Wills             · Civil Litigation 
      · Trusts           · Family Law 
      · Probate        · Personal Injury 
      · LLC               · Corporations 

We look forward to the opportunity of helping you in the preparation of your legal document needs.


Certified Document Services (CDS) prepares legal documents for non-lawyers in their own legal actions. CDS offers no legal advice, recommendations, mediation or counseling under any circumstance. CDS are not Lawyers, are not employed by a Lawyer, cannot give any legal advice and our employees are not acting as your Attorney. CDS can give you general factual information pertaining to legal rights, procedures or options available to you in a legal matter when you are not represented by an attorney. CDS cannot give you specific advice, opinions or recommendations about your legal rights, remedies, defenses, or strategies.